Prospect Winery Merlot
Smooth and velvety, with plum, blackberry, cherry, and chocolate notes

Did you know the Okanagan has some of the sunniest days of any wine region in North America? We may be in Canada, but does it ever get hot here! I appreciate how the shade exposure from the rocky ledges surrounding our vineyards balances the heat from our long hot sunny days.

Merlot benefits from this balanced sun exposure, ripening the fruit to the ideal level of sweetness (measured in Brix). I like to blend Merlot with fruit from sunny hot blocks for ripe fruity notes with some from our cooler blocks for fresh acidity and structure. The result? A balanced Merlot that highlights our Okanagan diversity with juicy fruit flavours and a smooth velvety finish.

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Pair with comfort foods: smoked pork roast, chili, turkey, roasted root vegetables, burgers, rich tomato pasta sauces. Smooth and perfect to sip on its own.


Nose: Rich red berry, cocoa, tobacco, and cedar

Palate: Smooth and velvety. Red plum, black cherry, blackberry, & chocolate notes. A smooth long velvety finish