Prospect Winery Pinot Grigio
Crisp & refreshing, with ripe citrus fruit and nuances of papaya and peach

Absolutely terrifying. Growing up in the Okanagan, the thought there was a creature lurking deep down in Okanagan Lake freaked me out. But in the heat of August, that cool blue lake looks pretty good. So we'd jump in, swim fast and hope Ogopogo was sound asleep back at the lair.

The lake looks different to me now. I see a deep, cool body of water that moderates our hot Okanagan summers, and tempers the heat in our vineyards. I see that lake effect reflected in our best vineyard blocks, and in the perfectly balanced acidity of this fresh, citrusy aromatic white. I still swim in the lake, but I do keep one eye on the shadows. I've got a lot more wine I'd like to make.

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As a white wine, it will complement the usual suspects, such as fish, seafood, chicken, turkey, salads and vegetable dishes. Perfect patio sipper!


Nose: Aromatic with citrus and stone fruit notes

Palate: Light, crisp and refreshing. Citrus fruit and minerality with a crisp finish