Prospect Winery Chardonnay
Balanced & elegant, with notes of citrus and apple and a touch of oak

Cannon fire. It's a sure sign it's harvest time in the Okanagan. And with all those ripe grapes comes our feathered friend the Spotted Sparrow. By the hundreds.They're beautiful, and I love them, but they love our Chardonnay as much as I do. So we use noise cannons to scare them off. Sparrows. Boom. No sparrows.

I blend this wine from the well-protected grapes in our Oliver and Naramata vineyards. The Oliver fruit is ripe and tropical, while the Naramata fruit has bright, fresh acidity. I age a portion in oak for a little butteriness and a smooth, round finish. No birds were harmed in the making of this Chardonnay. I promise. Just a little spooked.

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Serve slightly chilled. Perfect with creamy pasta sauces, roast pork, chicken, turkey, or grilled vegetables. Aromatic and versatile.


Nose: Aromatic with apple, citrus, and tropical notes, with a hint of oak

Palate: Rich and elegant. Citrus fruit with apple, pineapple, and a touch of minerality and vanilla